Praise Report from New York Cares Day!

This past Saturday, a group of us volunteered with New York Cares serving to rejuvenate a local elementary school. The team was able to raise $961 this year for our local NYC schools! Here are some pictures and a short praise report from our sister Homy who mobilized our group!

As the deadline for NY Cares day approached, we were still 11 people short from meeting the goal of getting 30 people on the team. At times organizing and recruiting people had been discouraging, but I decided to really stop and pray – something I might have overlooked with all the planning that was going on. In the end, God provided 31 people. I think He added the extra one to prove a point. He not only provides, He exceeds our expectations.

The highlight of the day, the moment I knew it was all worth it took place when I stood outside and overheard the mural artist talking to her friend. He had asked her where all these volunteers came from (referring to us) and she answered by saying that we’re actually all part of a church. I had prayed that God would mobilize us to do things in His name, for His glory, and that we can be known as a church who cares about our community. And that prayer was answered as well. Praise the Lord!!!

Don’t forget to join us next year!! 🙂


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