Hey everyone, here are a bunch of announcements for you! 🙂

1. Wednesday Prayer Meeting, 7pm @ Main Church.
As always, we have prayer meetings on Wednesdays. Feel free to join!

2. FBC’s 16th Anniversary, 4pm @ Hope Center, Saturday, 11/5/11.
We are holding a celebration for our church’s 16th anniversary. Come join us in thanking God for all that He has done for our church over the years! Jeddy will also be officially installed as a minister that day. After the celebration, Jeddy and Greg will both depart for their Pastoral Vision Trip to Africa.

3. African Pastoral Vision Trip – 11/5/11 to 11/18/11.
Jeddy and Greg will be going to Africa with World Vision on a vision trip to see how our church can serve the people in Africa. Agape’s dinner fundraiser last week helped raise over $200 for the trip! Praise the Lord. They still need $1,000 to fully cover the cost of the trip, please keep praying for the finances and the entire trip in general!

4. Winter Retreat – 1/14/11 to 1/16/11
November is here so the $5 weekly increment is now in effect! Registration is now $135 for students, and $145 for adults. If you haven’t yet registered, register as soon as possible! For more information on Winter Retreat, see “Upcoming Events“.

There will be a meeting at 1pm on Sunday, 11/6/11, at Hope Center for anyone who would like to help out and be involved in anyway.

5. Thanksgiving Celebration – Friday, 11/25/11
We will be holding a Thanksgiving Celebration on the night of Friday, 11/25/11, with all our cell groups. Agape and Anavah will be planning and organizing this event, but please feel free to help out and share your ideas with us! More information to come later!

6. Coupons for Coffee Lovers!
One of Movement Day 2011’s partners, Go2 Ministries, has partnered with Grounds 4 Good (, who sell organically grown Arabica coffee from Bolaven Farms, Laos. Each purchase becomes an investment in the lives of Laotian farmers and their communities to help fight poverty. Go to and click on Grounds 4 Good logo. Use discount code DRINK4GO2 for 10% off the first $50 in your first purchase! Expires Nov 20, 2011.

7. Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit at Discovery Times Square
Discovery Times Square (44th street, between 7th and 8th ave). Take a fascinating archaeological journey through the Holy Land. This rare exhibit features the famed Dead Sea Scrolls, a stone from the Western Wall from the Second Temple in Jerusalem and more than 500 never-before-seen artifacts from biblical times.

Learn more and get your tickets at their website!


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