African Pastoral Vision Trip Update!

Hey everyone! This past weekend, Greg and Jeddy left NYC for their pastoral vision trip to Africa. Praise the Lord that all the finances have been covered and they are able to go without this burden!

Here is a word from Greg!

Hi All-

I’m in Nairobi now. It has been amazing so far and we haven’t even
gone anywhere yet. Jeddy and I have been saturating ourselves with
ministry plans, ideas, theology. So much has happened to us even
before we step foot on African soil.

On the plane, we met Dou Ann. She was a U.K. spiritualist who went on
a safari in 2010. She came back changed as she saw the hurt and pain
in the children. She came back the following year and raised $30,000
USD from baking brownies and cookies to build an orphanage and dig a
well. She doesn’t know Jesus. Jeddy prayed for her. I hope God will some day water this seed.

Later on the plane, I was watching the map of where we were going.
Jeddy leaned over and asked what I was doing. He must have thought I
was going crazy. I said, “It’s compelling and it’s making me so sad.”
He seemed confused so I explained to him. We just took a plane from
Amsterdam. We crossed Morocco, Cairo, Tripoli (Libya), Darfur, Sudan,
Rwanda. I could see Sierra Leone (blood diamonds) and Somalia. These
are places torn apart by war and poverty. And, we were heading to the
middle of this. How blessed we are!

On the trip from the airport, our driver Ibrahim (Abraham in Hebrew)
was a Muslim. The trip was an hour away and he gave us a great tour of
the city. He showed us the slums, the place where they filmed “Out of
Africa.” He showed us Parliament and told me the struggles of his
people, his children. I shared with him what we wanted to do and he
seemed moved by it. Pray for him. I knew with his strong Muslim roots
that sharing with him the loved of Christ would offend him. However,
SHOWING him the love of Christ would allow Christ to work in him.
I have more to say, but will save it for when we get back.

Ps. 140:12. I know that the LORD will maintain the cause of the
afflicted, and justice for the poor.

Thinking of you back home,


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