Greg’s Update from Africa #2

Today we were challenged beyond our wildest imagination. The theme: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It was on Aids and HIV. We went two ordinary women in Nairobi. They were World Vision relief workers. The day was spent with an intensive class on HIV and Aids. To me, they were always lumped together. It was not to be the case and they showed us why.

The morning started off as an awareness piece of what the human tendency does by lumping “assumptions” together. We took a biology class on HIV and what AIDS really is. It was great information. I think I have  a clearer picture. It actually humbled me to know how little I know about age.

Later, we put what we learned into a Christian perspective. The question was “How are we going to address this issue in  a loving matter to those dealing with HIV and AIDS? ” The answer was through Christ’s love.

Then, our guides pounded into our hearts with their own testimonies. Perry, a quiet middle-aged woman stood up and began to speak. She spoke of her marriage to a loving husband and wonderful two children. She told us that she found out her husband was sick one day. When she went to the hospitals, she found that her husband had HIV…and it was serious. It rocked her world. she did everything to help him. She sold properties, withdrew her money, did everything for him. she later found out that she, too, had contracted the virus. They both went on pills. She went to the church and the church rejected her. She did her best and took things into her own hands. Eventually, her husband died. He left behind two children: five and seven.

Soon after, she found out her youngest child had contracted HIV. She did her best and watched her son die very shortly. After a few years, when her oldest son turned 17, he went away to school but came back seriously ill. He began showing signs of cancer. She had him tested and he, too, had also acquired HIV. Soon after, she watched him die as he reeled in pain, praying to God for mercy.

Percy’s story is just one of many. The doctors and the people around her became her support system. It was God who gave her the will to live on and she chose to tell this story so we could put a face to AIDS.

My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in
weakness. (2 Corinthians 12:9)


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