Christian Education Conference 1/21/12

Hey everyone, every year FBC holds a full day Christian Education (CE) Conference in January featuring a plethora of workshops by pastors and seminarians. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get a learn more about our Christian faith from teachers who are happy and willing to share their wisdom and knowledge.

This upcoming CE Conference will be held on Saturday, January 21, 2012 at 9am. Rev. Leo Kim, Dr. Piippo and his wife, Linda, will be teaching the English workshops.

Registrants will attend 3 workshops of their choice:
Workshop 1:
A) Keys to Christ-Centered Relationship – Friendship, Dating, Courtship, and Marriage by Mrs. Linda Piippo
B) God’s Heart for the Poor by Rev. Leo Kim

Workshop 2:
A) How to Pray for the Sick and Deliver People from Demonic Oppression by Dr. John Piippo
B) Deeper Life Transformation – How Christ’s Love Changes Us for His Kingdom by Mrs. Linda Piippo

Workshop 3:
A) Christian Apologetics – The Moral Argument for God’s Existence and the Failure of Atheism by Dr. John Piippo
B) God’s Money: Stewardship Principles to Financial Freedom by Rev. Leo Kim

Registration fee is $35 for FBC and $20 for students if registered by 1/15/12. Please register with Mark ( or Hom Whe (


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