New Sunday School Classes!

Hey everyone! It’s a new quarter and we’ve got new Sunday School classes for you! Please feel free to join any one of these classes after service on Sundays. Classes begin at 11:30am in designated rooms at Hope Center!

1. Building the Leader in You! Led by Greg Woo
Room: 106
This is a follow-up class to Membership Class. It is open to all.  In this class, we will fine-tune all aspects of leadership that will centralize around tools that you can use at church and in everyday life. Using a cell group model, we will discuss issues like: “How to be more Hospitable,” “How to Teach a Cell Group Bible Study,” “How to Pray Effectively,” “How to Witness to a New Comer,” “How to Lead Worship,” “How to Teach Children,” and more. Learn to hone your tools through “virtual cell groups,” in class-participation, and guest speakers that include local experts in the church. For those interested, contractual obligations apply. If you are to take this class, you are only allowed two excusable absences due to the nature of working in a “cell group” format.

2. Book of Proverbs Led by Michael Ren & Emily Chow
Room: 102
Intelligence and morals account for a small fraction of the choices you need to make every day. Take a deeper look into Proverbs to challenge conventional methods of making decisions and to see the power of wisdom work through your life.


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