New Sunday School Quarter

We began a new Sunday School quarter this past Sunday. These are our new classes:

1. Christian Living Led by Davy Wong
Room 102
What guidance does the Bible give for Christian living? Why are there discrepancies between what Christians believe and how they live their daily lives? Join us as we explore and apply God’s Word to our daily lives, and discuss the rewards and challenges of following Jesus Christ.

2. Book of Daniel Led by Jeffrey Su
Room 106
At one point or another, chances are, you have heard many stories from the book of Daniel. All of these stories are very interesting and often memorable, but is that all the book of Daniel can offer us? In this class, we will dive into each chapter and study the life, the ministry, and the visions of this servant of God. We will discuss Daniel’s faith-based actions as well as ponder the highly intriguing prophetic visions that were given to him by God. Come join us if you would like to learn more about Daniel’s fellowship with God.

3. Who is Jesus? Led by Minister Greg Woo and Linda Yen-woo
Lobby Area
This class is geared towards the ages of 11 to 15. However, all ages are welcome to participate. During this quarter, we will take a journey through the book of Mark. Our focus will be to understand more of who Jesus is.


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