New Sunday Schools!

It’s time for a new quarter again! That means new Sunday School classes!

1. It’s Time to Come Clean Led by Michael&Annie Chang and John&Christine Liao
Room 102
We Christians know that we are told to run the good race; that we are running a long marathon. But it seems many Christians run this race in a similar pattern. We shoot out the gate in a full blown sprint, passionate in our service for God. The we slow down to a walk, stagnant in our growth, only the end up standing, bent over, and gasping for air. The reason we gasp for air, is because the air we are accustomed to breathe is not the same air that the Spirit wants us to inhale. This class is for us to reflect upon the toxins that we are exposed to daily. We will examine our cultural beliefs and explore together as to whether these beliefs are beneficial to our soul, or are they a poison that stop our journey with Christ. We will be using the book “Soul Detox” by Pastor Craig Groeschel as a point of reference.

2. The Fruit of the Spirit: I am the Vine and you are the Branches Led by Angelica Lu
Room 106
Do you find it extremely hard to exercise patience with a difficult person? Can money really buy you happiness? What’s the fine line between being kind and being taken advantage of? Do you struggle with these everyday stressors? As Jesus said, we are called to be set apart from the world but that “setting apart” often leaves us feeling even more frustrated in our daily lives even as old or new believers. This class will focus on nurturing our own individual foundations to better handle these situations using the Fruit of the Spirit as our basic principle combined with Scripture and “scenario painting” discussions.


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