Christian Education (CE) Conference 2013 – Sat. 1/12/13 9am-4:15pm

Hello everyone!

Every year at Faith Bible, we hold a Christian Education (CE) Conference with a plethora of workshops/classes led by pastors/seminary professors for the purpose of teaching, equipping, and building up God’s children. The next one is coming right up on January 12, 2013.

At the CE conference, there will be time for prayer, praise&worship, a keynote message, lunch, and 3 workshops of your own choosing. You can find all this information on the English Registration Form. You can also take a look at the English Speakers Bios to aid you in your workshop choice. There are also a number of Chinese classes available if you are interested: Chinese Registration Form and Complete Speakers Bio (Chi+Eng).

What: Christian Education (CE) Conference 2013
When: Saturday, 1/12/13, 9am to 4:15pm
Where: Faith Bible Seminary (133-20 41 Avenue, Flushing NY 11355)
Fees: $35 for FBC members, $20 for FBC students, if registered before 1/6/13; $45 for non-FBC members ($5 off if registered before 1/6/13)
Registration: Submit completed registration forms (see below) and appropriate fees to Jessica Tseng.

If you are hungry for spiritual food or want to learn and grow as a Christian, this is definitely a conference you want attend! It’s also a steal – you get all that teaching for a really low price! So come and get fed! Feel free to invite your friends also!


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