Summer Retreat 2013 Workshops!

For all of you who are still considering whether or not you want to attend retreat (Reminder that registration deadline is this Sunday. Our registration form is available on our retreat website), we are featuring SIX amazing workshops that cover a variety of topics. Four of them will be led by prominent pastors and two will be led by godly men in our church. 

Here are our featured workshops for Summer Retreat 2013:

  • “Spiritual Warfare” led by Pastor Hao
  • “Choosing & Managing a Career-The Biblical Way” led by Victor Ouyang
  • “God’s Purpose for Rest & Sabbath” led by Davy Wong
  • “Utilizing God-Given Personality for the Ministry” led by Pastor Michael Lee
  • “Hearing God’s Voice” led by Pastor Gregory Woo
  • “Enjoy Life! (Ecclesiastes 5:8-20)” led by Pastor Calvin Tran

You can find more in-depth descriptions of these workshop topics here!

We look forward to you joining us for an edifying getaway July 4th weekend for our annual Summer Retreat!


Workshops are a great way for individuals to learn more about God & Christianity-related issues, concerns, themes, and daily life in the environment of a closer setting with the opportunity to engage and discuss with the workshop leader. At our Summer Retreat this year, we are providing a total of three workshop opportunities for our registrants to attend.


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