The 2013 Global Leadership Summit Begins Today!!


The 2013 Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit has begun! Our church is proud to be the hosting satellite location in the borough of Queens, NYC for our local churches. Below is a photo of our sanctuary filled with people waiting for the conference to begin.

It is amazing to see so many passionate Christians from all different places come together because they believe in Christ-centered leadership.

As the Willow Creek Association states, “We have a deep commitment to a singular idea: that inspired, encouraged and equipped Christian leaders create thriving churches that redeem their communities for Christ. We believe that the local church is the HOPE OF THE WORLD, when its working right. A culture or Christ-centered leadership can change individual lives, churches, businesses, governments, schools, and homes. The stakes are high. LEADERSHIP MATTERS.”
We as Faith Bible Church are also excited to see the limitless possibilities of what God will do for all of our attending leaders  in the next 48 hours thanks to the efforts of the Willow Creek Association.
Praise The Lord!
REMEMBER!! It’s not too late to register. Walk ins are welcome! Please refer to our past 2013 Global Leadership Summit post for more information.

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