Testimony from our brother Jeffrey Su

Jeffrey Su

Jeffrey Su

Testimony given during Sunday Service, Sept. 08, 2013, at Hope Center.

Hello all!

You may or may not have heard, but the reason I’m up here giving a testimony today is because I recently acquired a full time position, finally. So I want to share with you what God has been doing in my life this last 2 years or so to lead up to this point.

I graduated undergrad in Education. I basically spent the last 2 years constantly searching and looking for a full time teaching position. In the meantime I worked part time either for my dad or at an after-school over at an elementary school. There were some really tough moments for me during those 2 years, as hard as I was trying, I was just not getting hired. Even if my interview went well and my demo lesson afterward was good, they’ve always opted to hire someone with just a few more years more experience over me, who is new. It became really tough because I can’t get that experience unless someone hires me, and I can’t get hired because I don’t have that experience, so it’s a very circular argument.

There was also a time I became really very depressed. My classmates were getting jobs and I was becoming very demoralized. I would send out 20 resumes and out of those, if I was lucky, I would get to do 2 or 3 demo lessons from that group. There was one position I was applying for that I thought I had. The interview went so well, demo lesson went perfectly and I found out that my professor that I worked for in college actually comes to that school periodically to give workshops for their teachers, so I thought my chances were really good. A week later I get the call that they decided to go for someone else. Literally, after I hung up the call, I just cried for like 15 minutes. It was terrible. I realized I wasn’t in a good place and I shared that experience with my cell group and they were all very loving and encouraging and supportive and prayed for/with me and stuff, and now I realize that was God trying to tell me that he has a plan for me.

Eventually things started to get a little better. This past year, around February, I decided that I would go back to school. Might as well stop wasting time. I also got kind of sad then because first of all, the application process was a big pain. I had to get transcripts from schools I didn’t graduate from and even from a school in which I took one online class for. I also had to get three recommendations for the program when I applied. The thing was, I sent in my application, but one of the recommendations came in like a month after it was due, so I was starting to think that I wasn’t getting in. I even started to accept the fact that I wouldn’t be getting in. But I did, because of what I can only imagine to be the grace of God. Later on in June, the principal of the school I was in told me he needed more permanent subs and I was like, “yea, I’ll do that!” Things started looking up. A bit slower than what I would have liked, but progress is progress, and I was glad for that and thanked God for it.

The after-school I worked for also ran a summer camp, so that’s what I did this past summer. I worked really hard, it was tiring and tough, but I really enjoyed my time there. Even my mom noticed. She was like, “it looks like you’re having a lot of fun”, and I was like, “yea, I really am”. I remember thinking at the time that this was God’s way of cheering me up, and I appreciated that.

Anyway, classes started, on a Wednesday. The following day, Thursday, Emmy calls me in the middle of the afternoon. She was speaking really fast, very frantic, I was like, “what’s going on?”. She told me that there was an open position at her middle school for a 6th grade math teacher. Then she was like, “you need to apply, like, right now”, and then she proceeded to text me the contact person and the email and all this other stuff. So it’s a middle school, and I did elementary school, but I am certified for first through sixth grade, and it just so happened that the opening is for 6th grade. I thought that was interesting and I spent the next like 3 hours updating my resume. I sent it out late at night, around 11 or so. When I wake up in the morning, I see I have an email asking me to come in for an interview. So I go. I speak to one lady for like 10 mins, then I speak to the principal for another half hour or so afterward. This was the first time I felt like I wasn’t at an interview. I was just chatting and sharing stories and I felt good about how it went. Three and a half hours after I leave the school, they call me back and apparently I had a job. I was in so much disbelief that I actually asked specifically, “I got the job?”

This past week I had to play a lot of catching up. I had to clean out my room. I had to set it up, make it look nicer. Emmy helped me with some of the boards, so thanks for that! There was a lot of professional development workshops on whatever topics and I attended a bunch of meetings where I realized I had no idea at times what they were talking about because they were referring to previous things or meetings before I was hired. I spent the last three whole days just preparing and planning for the first week, and class for the kids start tomorrow by the way.

In all of this though, I really just have to thank God for all the pieces he lined up for me. It completely blew me away. I already gave up on finding a job for the coming year, yet God defied my expectations. I guess God was waiting for me to mature a bit or something, and God’s timing, although scary in my case, is good. I was talking to Victor and I was like, “man, I had to wait for you to get married before I could get a job”, and he was like, “I’m sorry! I should’ve married her sooner!”

But all in all, God has been good to me, always, even when I didn’t necessarily notice it. But God was slowly moving me in the right direction. So I want to encourage you guys. Sometimes we know in our head that God’s timing is good and perfect, but in our hearts we’re sad or angry. If you find yourself in that position, start praying. Share with other brothers and sisters and let them love you and pray with you. This was a two year journey for me, quite a long length of time, but hindsight being 20/20, I can clearly see all the moments in my life where God was doing something which I only now notice, so keep on fighting the fight! Speaking of which, I’m going to ask you all to pray for me too. Between work and school and writing lessons, doing HW, and doing church stuff, I’m starting to feel like there’s not enough time in the day, so pray that I survive please!

Thanks! That’s all I gotta say!


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