Testimony from our sister Shelley Ting

Shelley Ting

Shelley Ting

Testimony listed in our “15th Anniversary of Faith Bible Ministry” booklet.
Published by: Faith Bible Church
Printed by: Sanford Printing, Inc.
Nov. 2010

FBC is My Extended Family” 



My name is Shelley Ting. I was born into a Buddhist family. As a child, I attended Buddhist temples, bowed down to idols and burned incense to my ancestors. In the year of 1996 at the age of 12, my mom enrolled me in the Summer Day Camp Program at FBC. There I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Personal Savior and have been with the church ever since.

I was the first among my family to be a Christ follower and then soon my younger brother became one too and we were both baptized at FBC by Pastor Hao. During my teenage years, I served actively in the church Friday English Youth group as an officer and leading Bible studies. I went away for college and came back after graduation, serving as counselor in the English youth group for 2 years. Besides being a deaconess, I was also a co-leader for one of our English Cell Groups called Makrothumia (it means patience in Greek; one of the fruit spirits our cell group wants to strive for).

One of my longest prayer requests that I had being a Christian was for the salvation of my parents. When I became a Christian, it was difficult for my mom to accept. It even took me several years after I accepted Christ as my personal savior for my mom to allow me to get baptized.

October 2007, I received one of the most devastating news ever. My dad was diagnosed with 4th stage gastric cancer. His condition was very severe and the doctors said that he only had a few months left to live. The first thing that came to my head was his salvation. I knew that God was going to use this trial to bring my parents towards Him. I immediately called Minister Rosie Hao on the phone and told her about my dad’s illness and passed the phone to my parents hoping that she can provide some comforting words with them. My dad, who wasn’t normally a religious person, soon gave his heart to Jesus. A couple from the Chinese congregation would come over to our house weekly to give my dad Christianity 101 and baptismal lessons. When he was ill at the hospital, many brothers and sisters from both the Chinese and English congregation came to visit. Soon even my mom, who was a Buddhist, eventually became a follower of Christ as well. After more than a decade of praying, every member of my immediate family has accepted Christ, and has been baptized here in FBC.

Unfortunately my dad passed away August 4th of 2009, but because we knew he was with Jesus, our family had peace in our heart. Minister Rosie helped arranged the program for the funeral services. Pastor Hao gave the message. The choir from both the Chinese and English side sang a special song. Many brothers and sisters from the Chinese and English side of FBC attended my dad’s funeral services.

Although, I attended and served for primarily the English congregation of FBC, it was encouraging to see how the brothers and sisters from the other congregations came out to reach out to my parents and prayed for them.

It was through the love that FBC had showed towards my family that we were able to go through one of the toughest time of our lives. Through the grace of God, the prayers and support from the people of this church, it has helped extend my dad’s life from only several months to another 2 years. The people of FBC have been a big extension to what I consider to be my family. I feel truly blessed to be part of the Faith Bible Church family.


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