Sunday School Mar 2014-May 2014

These classes will begin starting this Sunday, March 2, 2014 and end Sunday, May 25, 2014. They run every Sunday from 11:30 am-12:30 pm at Hope Center after our Sunday Service.

1. “The Parables of Jesus”
Led by Davy Wong & Teachers (schedule here)
Lobby Area

The American playwright Arthur Miller said, “In every successful drama there is something which makes a person say, ‘Hey! That’s me!’” The story becomes a mirror in which self-recognition produces self-understanding. The parables of Jesus have the same effect helping us not only to see ourselves, but also to see the mind and heart of God.


2. “The Book of Psalms”
Led by Michael Ren
Room 101

If we open the Bible, we easily see that the book of Psalms is in the middle of it. Moreover, it is one of the longest book in the Bible. We believe everything in the Bible has a divinely inspired purpose. The primary goal of this class is to dive into the heart of Psalms and discuss the purpose of it in the context of the Bible, the context in which it was written, and the context of our lives. We will hopefully gain deeper insight into such things as what it tells us about God’s character, why we should read and treasure it, and what we could do with it.

3. “Women of the Bible”
Led by Linda Yen-Woo
Room 102

This class will study some of the great women in the Bible. We will gain more understanding of their strengths, characters, and circumstances that make them such, great and godly women.

4. Christianity 101
Led by Christine Liu
Room 106

If you would like to know more about Christianity and its teachings, Christianity 101 covers basic doctrines and concepts for taking steps to making a strong commitment with Jesus Christ.

5. Children’s Sunday School
Room 103
This class is for children (toddlers to pre-teens).

The Children’s Ministry works with children and encourages them to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ by teaching them about the Bible and God and nurturing a Biblical based lifestyle. If you have a desire to teach and mentor children, please contact Wing at for more information.


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