The Parables of Jesus Teaching Schedule

The Parables of Jesus is one of the featured Sunday School classes for our March-May 2014 quarter. The class is from 11:30am -12:30 pm  in the Lobby area of Hope Center.

Class Description: The American playwright Arthur Miller said, “In every successful drama there is something which makes a person say, ‘Hey! That’s me!'” The story becomes a mirror in which self-recognition produces self-understanding. The parables of Jesus have the same effect helping us not only to see ourselves, but also to see the mind and heart of God.

3/09 Rosie Hao Asking My Father (The Midnight Caller)Luke 11:1-13
 3/16 Davy Wong Forgiving My Brother (The Unforgiving Servant)Matthew 18:21-35
3/23 Davy Wong Getting My Due (The Vineyard Laborers)Matthew 19:27-30;20:1-16
3/30 Erwin Yung Knowing My Father (The Prodigal Son)Luke 15: 1-2, 11-24
4/06 John Liew Loving My Neighbor (The Good Samaritan)Luke 10:30-35
 4/13 Trusfy Pei Thanking My Savior (The Two Debtors)Luke 7:36-50
4/20 Davy Wong Finding My Master (The Tower and the King)Luke 14:25-35
 4/27 Justis & Vanessa Seeing Myself (The Pharisee & The Tax Collector)Luke 18:9-14
 5/04 Erwin Yung  Accumulating My Treasure (The Rich Fool)Luke 12:13-21
5/11 Trusfy Pei Assuring My Future (The Shrewd Manager)Luke 16:1-13
5/18 Davy Wong Determining My Destiny (The Rich Man & Lazarus)Luke 16:19-31
 5/25 Davy Wong Reaching God’s Ear (The Unjust Judge)Luke 18:1-8

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