Please pray for our 2014 YUGO Missions Team!

Today marks the first day of outreach in a village in El Florido (located in Tijuana, Mexico) for our 2014 YUGO Missions team. They will be returning on August 3rd. We would love your prayers and support for our team’s safety and success in carrying out the Great Commission. If you would be interested in helping us raise support and/or pray for our team this year, please let us know!

YUGO Ministries (Youth Unlimited Gospel Outreach) is an international missions organization with offices in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. YUGO exists so that lives are transformed by Jesus Christ in Mexico and in the world. Through partnerships with the local churches, YUGO promotes opportunities to proclaim the Gospel through outreach, discipleship, and orphan care.

Faith Bible Church has been faithfully serving with YUGO Ministries since 1999. Every year, for the past 15 years, we have been sending a team to serve the local church in Tijuana, Mexico. With hands-on training in three outreach ministries (Women’s, Men’s, and Children’s), on-site translators, opportunities to engage with other teams of missionaries from around the U.S. and Mexico, sermons and praise from missionary guest speakers, and interaction with people from a different cultural background in the local community–YUGO has been a great stepping stone and introduction to evangelism and missions for many people in our congregation.

You can find out more about YUGO at:


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