October Praise and Prayers for FBC


  • Praise God that Victoria’s mom (Auntie May) had a successful surgery on her spine. Pray that she will have a smooth recovery at the Franklin Nursing Home on Franklin Ave between Union and Kissena Blvd.
  • Praise God our sister Ellen is home from the hospital and recovering. Please continue to pray that both Ellen and her mom will come to church together and that Ellen adjusts to her epilepsy medication quickly. She is tired and weak in the mornings and sometimes has double vision.
  • Praise God for our two couples (Chi Chi & Erwin; Emmy & Victor) who have just had their new addition to their families this past summer! Pray for the continued health of the families and their babies.
  • Praise God we had 19 children in our first After School ministry at Hope Center, 6 children at our first Chinese School ministry, and 18 at our Art School. This is the first time our Hope Center location is able to offer these programs along with our Main Church location. Please continue to pray for our after school director (Jianhong), the teachers (Anna and Jonathan), Chinese school director (Mary Li), and Art School director (Min. Ruipu).


  • Pray for our church needs. The church van costs are $5,000 for down payment and $6,000 for insurance. The Thanksgiving Day lunch and Christmas events need $8,000 in order to help invite our friends and the community neighbors to come for lunch and dinner.
  • Pray for Allen Chiu’s mom who went to the ER last night due to pain in her chest, back, and waist area. She is currently in LIJ hospital awaiting test results.
  • Pray for Helen Chang who is having knee surgery on Oct. 15. Pray for a successful surgery, smooth recovery, and for her husband who will be busy caring for his wife, children, work, and household affairs.
  • Pray for our Min. Rosie Hao who is currently in Barcelona teaching a week-long 4 credit seminary class on “Marriage and Counseling.”
  • Pray for our Christianity 101 members–Glen, Nicky, and Peter as they prepare for the upcoming baptism on Oct 19.
  • Pray for our coordinator, Christine Liao, who will be starting a Hope Center food pantry.
  • Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are searching for jobs.
  • Continue to pray that God will speak His Word clearly, faithfully, and truthfully to the open and attentive ears and hearts of our congregation.

Missions/Fundraising Prayers:

  • Pray for the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which has now killed over 1,900 people across five countries.
  • Pray for the ISIS crisis–they have been killing more than 40,000 people, including Yazidis, civilians, Christians, and innocent people (including 2 American journalists).
  • Pray for our sister Mary who is a missionary in Morocco and a part-time English tutor.
  • Pray for our brother Terry to have continued strength, patience, and guidance from the Lord to reach out to others as he is living in Taiwan.
  • Continue to pray for our three FBC churches: Shower of Grace in FBC (Flushing, NY); FBC Dansui (Taipei, Taiwan); and FBC Wufeng (Taichung, Taiwan).
  • Pray for the rebuilding of our Main Church in Flushing and the temporary relocation process.
  • Pray for our Hope Center fundraising. There are still many initiatives and funds that need to be raised to support our church.

Thank you all for your prayers and support of our ministry! We want to be a part of your praise and prayers! Please share and drop a note with any of our ministers, deacons, or ushers. You may also e-mail us directly at: faithbiblehope@gmail.com.


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