Testimony from our brother John Smith


John Smith (Anonymous)

Today you will get to hear my testimony about my salvation.

My salvation is a miracle. This miracle breaks a chain that persistently enslaved me for a long time.

I am delighted to share with you how Jesus Christ rescued me and permanently broke my chain.

Before spending time with FBC, I thought I could never break out of the chain. That was because I relied on myself. With Jesus Christ, the chain no longer binds me to sins and I have no more guilty thoughts disturbing my peace of mind.

My family at home, teachers and society did excellent jobs of protecting me from developing addictive behavior. They prevent these addictions from polluting me. They taught me about the dangers of smoking, drinking, doing drugs, gambling, using prostitution, and so on. What I gathered from the addiction-awareness campaign is that you don’t want to do these addictive activities because if you do you will damage yourself and other people. Also, if you do these addictive activities, you may never escape from the addiction. Note: Never trust yourself in the area of addictive behavior. In summary, the whole anti-addiction campaign is all about yourself.

Now, it is the time for me to get to the point and to discuss a taboo that few people would discuss openly in school or in church. Since there is a lack of information on it and a lot of misinformation on it, this addiction is a pervasive problem in the whole society. The protection that comes from educational awareness of this addiction is simply not there. Actually, there is a lot of misinformation that treats this taboo not as an addiction but as a harmless behavior that people do but just do not tell anybody.

Every time when I watched internet pornography, I knew it is NOT right. I felt that if no one knows, there is no problem. Every time I watched internet pornography, I knew it was wrong and felt guilty, I made a resolution to break this chain on me. I promised to myself I will never do it again. Lo and behold, I came right back to it. I kept on doing it. The problem was that I fooled myself into thinking that I am strong enough. I can handle it. I say to myself: I can manage it. I can stop my addiction to internet pornography whenever I want. The reality is that I am weak in flesh.

I learn from a pastor on how to break out of this cycle of addiction by watching his presentation on Youtube. If this type of immorality pops up in my life, I need to run far, far away from it. I know I am not strong enough. I cannot resist it myself. I need God and his church to guide me and save me.

What Jesus Christ did for me is this. He gave me a new life by bringing me to fellowship, retreats, Sunday service. All the brothers and sisters prayed for me to come to church and seek God. In a retreat, Pastor Ted Kau explained that first thing we need to do is to find the correct goal in life. The correct goal is to place God first, yearn for God and his words. It means that I strive to trust in God and obey God when I make my decisions in life. My salvation comes when I realized I had the wrong goal of trying to indulge myself. Watching internet pornography does that to people. This addiction makes people want to please only themselves.

My salvation happens when Jesus Christ helped me commit myself to do only what is pleasing to God and to realize I am weak in flesh when it comes to internet pornography. For me, I choose to believe in God, trust in God, and obey God. When it comes to sexual immorality, I flee far away from it because God helps me recognize my weakness in the face of this internet pornography. Hallelujah. Praise to the Lord for making it possible for my spiritual rebirth. Have a joyful day. May God bless all of us.

Outline: Jesus Christ and FBC make it possible for my spiritual rebirth.

1. Moral Shield bequeathed to me (alas, it was all about oneself)

2. A new threat that my moral shield was not prepared to defend against.

3. Jesus saved me through grace and teaches me to trust in God and obey God and seek his wisdom.

Jesus Christ saved me by providing with a strong spiritual shield. Praise to the Lord.


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