This Sunday is the Last Day to Order a Candy Gram!

candygram last day

Show some appreciation to your family, friends, and loved ones this month by sending them a Candy Gram! Purchase a lollipop/card for $2 from Angelica and she’ll send your Candy Gram for you! All proceeds go towards supporting the Honduras Missions Trip!

Deliveries can still be made past this Sunday

How Do I Send a Candy Gram?
1) Find Angelica to fill out an order form and give her $2 per card
2) She will provide you with the blank card that comes with each $2 order
3) Fill out the card at your own leisure. **Remember to note WHO it is going to!**
4) Return the card to Angelica. She will package the card with the candy and deliver it to your recipient the following Friday or Sunday!

-You may choose between giving a chocolate or a cherry lollipop
-You may choose to deliver your candy gram to your recipient yourself
(In that case, ask Angelica for the lollipop that comes with the card)

For more information, questions, or order placements–
e-mail Angelica at:

*Sample images of cards and candy are featured below!*

Sample of Card

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