2015 Battle of the Cell Groups!

This year is our fourth annual Battle of the Cell Groups (BotCG) event where all five of our English ministry cell groups compete to win the championship title of the year. We will be testing your physical strength, talents, musical song lyrics knowledge, and Biblical knowledge! Each team will represent their group with a colored T-shirt!

Preview the games for night via our Game Manual: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d009q0423xzefle/Game%20Manual.pdf?dl=0

Any cell group that has 20 registrants gets 20 extra points at the start of the night!

T-shirt registration is now CLOSED but walk-in registration (no T-shirt) is still OPEN.
All walk-ins will be accepted with a $10 registration fee (Children registration is free).
-The walk-in registrant must wear a T-shirt that is the same color as their cell group.


Contact a cell group leader to sign up now!
For more information about our cell groups, check out: https://faithbiblehope.com/cell-groups/

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For any questions or concerns, speak to Raymon Chuk or e-mail him at: zrchuk@yahoo.com

This is an open event so feel free to join us! You don’t need to be affiliated with a cell group to attend.

All proceeds from this event will go towards supporting our summer mission trips to: YUGO Ministries & Haiti. Proceeds will also go to support The Global Leadership Summit leadership conference that will be hosted at our church this August.

Here is a list of our cell groups:


Check out our event page here for updates:

Picture from last year’s 2014 Battle of the Cell Groups event!

Photo Album from last year’s Battle!


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