The Global Leadership Summit 2015

No matter where you lead, The Global Leadership Summit is a world-class experience designed to help you get better and embrace your grander vision—the reason God called you to lead. Broadcast LIVE in HD from Willow’s campus near Chicago to over 375 Premier Host Sites in North America and later around the world, you are invited to join an expected 260,000 leaders in 2015.

Faith Bible is excited to partner with Willow Creek, as the only Premier Host Site in Queens for The Global Leadership Summit.  We welcome all guests to join us at Hope Center for this incredible event on (Thursday -Friday) August 6-7, 2015.

tgls reasons to attend

6 Leadership Themes You Can Expect at The Summit


  • Walk-in registration is available at Hope Center, 154-02 41st Ave Flushing NY 11354
  • Register online here 
    • Click on: “Register for Summit 2015 (Premier Host Site)”
    • Search by State (New York) or Zip Code (11354) to find this:
      “NYC-Queens | Site #097 | Faith Bible Church at Hope Center | Flushing, NY”
    • Click: “Register”
    • Complete your registration via the page and we look forward to seeing you on August 6th!
  • Please click here for more information on the Summit.
  • Please click here for the speaker faculty.
  • Please click here for directions to Site #97, Faith Bible Church @ Hope Center.
  • Find us on Facebook and our event page for TGLS here

The Willow Creek Association (WCA) is convinced that leadership is critical to church vitality. A church’s effectiveness in pursuing its God-given mission is largely dependent on the character, devotion and skill of its leadership core—which can be formal or informal, staff or volunteer, clergy or laity.

The influence and impact of the church is felt most fully when Christ-centered leaders are at the forefront of establishing and growing well-led local churches and organizations…key reasons why The Global Leadership Summit exists.

The church is at its best, as God’s love and care inevitably spills out into our neighborhoods, towns and cities through acts of love, justice, mercy, service and restoration.


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