Alan’s Testimony – 11.29.2015

Testimony  Sunday November 29, 2015


Good morning, my name is Alan Cheng, I was born and raised here in New York. I was always active in middle school and high school, playing on the school basketball, football and lacrosse teams. But after I graduated college and started working, I didn’t find much time to exercise and started living a very unhealthy lifestyle. On the 27th June of this year I went to my family doctor to get a regular check-up. I felt healthy and disliked going to the doctors so I had not seen my doctor in over 3 years. After the physical exam they took some blood for a blood test.

Two days later my doctor called me back into his office.  Once we were in his office he had a very serious look on his face.  He told me that I was diabetic and my blood sugar was over 4 times normal amount, my blood pressure was high and I also had a very high content of a waste protein in my blood called Creatnine. Creatnine is a waste that is supposed to be filtered out by the kidneys, since my Creatnine levels were high It meant there was something going on with my kidneys. My family doctor prescribed me medication to lower my blood sugar and suggested I see a kidney specialist, called a Nephrologist, immediately.

Still in shock, I found a Nephrologist and made an appointment for the same week. After doing some research online, I found Diabetes and High Blood Pressure was the leading cause of Kidney Disease. One of the markers doctors used to measure kidney function was Creatnine. Normal levels for Creatnine are about 1.0 for a healthy  adult my age. My Creatnine level was at 4.5! More than 4 times the normal amount!

My Nephrologist diagnosed me with Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease.  He told me my kidneys were operating at 20 percent and that I was going to need dialysis or a kidney transplant very soon. I was also told that there is no cure for kidney failure caused my diabetes. Once the kidneys have been damaged at this level there is no way the kidneys would repair itself. The only thing I could do was maintain the function I had left. He told me to start preparing for dialysis and to register at a Kidney Transplant Center.

I felt defeated, hopeless and depressed but my family was determined to help me get through this. We started doing research on and exploring with alternative medicine and holistic treatments.

My mother has been a devout Christian for many years and pleaded with me to go to Church with her. She felt that I would find guidance and hope in God. I had rarely gone to Church, only for special occasions when my mother asked me to. The first time coming to Faith Bible Church I felt comfortable. After my first visit at FBC I began praying every morning when I woke and sometimes at night before bed.

After the first week of prayer I felt a deeper connection to God and there was a feeling of “everything was going to be ok”. I felt my prayers for strength being answered. Each day I stayed on a restricted diet with regular exercise. My relationship with God became closer each day.

During the following months I continued my relationship with God through prayer and church. My mother accompanied me to countless doctors visits for CAT scan, MRI, Biopsy, monthly blood tests and even a second opinion with another Nephrologist. The conclusions were the same, that I will need dialysis or transplant within the next 3-5 years.

The last week of October, before Halloween, I was due for another blood test. The night before this blood test, I prayed before going to bed. That night I had a feeling I had never felt before while praying. There was a presence in and around me, and I know it was God. There was assurance in my heart that everything was going to be ok and I would be healed from this disease. Two days after my blood test, the results showed that my Creatnine had gone down to 3.5. My kidney function had increased since the first blood test 3 months ago and it was a sign that I was healing.

I know it was my prayer and faith and in the Lord that was healing me, when the doctors told me that I could not be healed, God told me I would.


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