George’s Testimony – 12.6.2015

Testimony  Sunday December 6, 2015


Good morning everyone! My name is George, and I want to give you a couple details about myself before I go in-depth. My birthday is November 9th, so I just turned 15 around a month ago. I am currently a sophomore in high school (which is 10th grade, for those of you who don’t know). My cousin Enda and his family introduced me to Christianity around the beginning of my 8th grade year in a church in Chinatown. I went with them every week, but later on in the year, I started slacking. Don’t get me wrong, I did believe in God, but to wake up early and go to church? I just didn’t have the dedication necessary at the time.

Fast forward to the beginning of 9th grade…

I love basketball with a passion. I play basketball at this certain park with my best friend Ilir everyday. Turns out he’s a Christian too and once it gets dark, and the park is basically empty, we have these conversations about God. He recommended me to watch and listen to some seminars by this famous preacher by the name of John Bevere. By a show of hands, how many of you have heard of him? I suggest to those of you who haven’t heard of him to search him up on YouTube and listen to one of his sermons. Anyways, that’s what I did. I decided to do further research on Christianity and along with the almost daily Christian conversations I’ve had with Ilir, I felt like God played a significant role in my life. I prayed daily, before meals, before going to sleep. However, I still wasn’t really going to church despite my increased knowledge about the Lord. I went occasionally with Enda to the Chinatown church. A couple months ago, Enda calls me to inform me about this wonderful church in Flushing that his mother found out about. It is a good walking distance from my house so I can come here easily. I started attending the Christianity 101 classes, and I want to thank the teachers and my fellow classmates for making it a great learning and enjoyable experience about our Heavenly Father. Now, I have no problem waking up early to come to Church and I am eager to expand my knowledge on God and strengthen my bond with him. Now to end this off, I just want to let you know about my aspirations and objective in life. Despite my physical disadvantages and genetic build not working in my favor, (as you can see, I’m pretty short. I’m only 5’6 right now) I want to play professional basketball when I get older. After getting cut from the jv basketball team tryouts last year, I decided I had to get serious. Since then, I’ve started putting in a lot of work to refine my skills. This included waking up early to train at the park by myself (sometimes with Ilir and others), I in fact trained before I came to church today. Praise the Lord, I stumbled upon news of a tryout coming for an AAU basketball team. (AAU is the Amateur Athletic Union, it’s a league where teens play other teens their age to get some exposure for college recruiters.) I learned about these tryouts two days before the tryout day. I let Ilir know about it, and the night before and right before tryouts, Ilir and I both prayed that the work we have put in would pay off and that we would make the team. There were around 130 kids trying out, varying in different heights, some were 6’5, others were like 5’7. Both Ilir and I made the team, and our first official game I think is in Maryland. It will probably be in the start of January. God has everything planned out, and I will continue to trust him and give credit where it’s due. Thank the Lord!! God bless all of you and I hope you all have a wonderful day!


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