Qi’s Testimony – 12.13.2015


Good morning everyone, it is such a pleasure and honor to stand here and speak to all of you about my personal testimony. There are some people that I really want to thank today. I want to thank God for make everything here possible. Mike, the reason that I am even here in the first place. Rosie, just being so loving to all of us. Terry, being such a wonderful teacher. My girlfriend, just never giving up on me. Lastly my parents, for giving me life and all the years of support.

I am a very blessed person, not because what I have, but what I didn’t miss.

I didn’t miss any school auditions, and I was blessed with all the great schools.  I was trained professional with piano since the age of 4, and over the years that piano is truly the only thing that mattered to me. I didn’t know how I got into all the schools that I got into, because honestly I am not that much different or better than the others. One after another I made it to all the places I wanted to go to. Looking back now, I would say that God has planned all of this for since the beginning. The long path of accepting Christ as my savior, and the steps towards becoming a Christian has set its places throughout my life.

I didn’t miss any important people in my life. Being a musician kind of set the tone of being alone most of the time. I was so blessed to know some of the most important people in my life, and most of them are Christians. When I came to the State 8 years ago, I spent one of the most meaningful summers with one heck of a family. Beautiful family, 2 kids and a wonderful marriage. I was so overwhelmed by the amount of love they gave me. Over the years, Robert the father, had these beautiful prayers for me over the phone. Matthew the son, being my studio mate, looked up to me as his big brother, and many morning of very meaningful talks when I stayed over. I could just see the love that he had for God, and his life was full of meanings.

My high school history teacher, a woman I admire. She was truly my mentor during my high school years. She was always there to help me becoming a better person.

My girlfriend, what can I say about her, she is the light of my life. She changed me so much. She helped me realizing that life is more than just a small bubble that was living in.

I didn’t miss any event. I was blessed to catch some amazing events. All the music festivals, the competitions, the dinner with my girlfriend at the first time, and being in the Faith Bible Church. Without these events, I wouldn’t be receiving God’s plan.

As what Rosie said to us in the 101 class, our new life after the baptism has just started, and it needs us to be with God’s words in order to grow. I am growing as a Christian every single day, I am so grateful for the free salvation from my heavenly father, and at the same time I am ready to serve with my God given ability. I want to help more people to receive Christ, and that list starts with my girlfriend.


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