Vicky’s Testimony – 6/19/2016



Good morning, everyone. My name is Vicky. For those who don’t know me…I am Tim’s wife, Gabriella and Makayla’s mother.  Today I would like to share with you how great our God is and how important we have to trust in our God and just “Let go / Let God”.


Psalm 23:5 You Prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.


When I had my first daughter, I was diagnosis with gestational diabetic. At that time, I was doing great and was able to control the blood sugar  through my own ability by watching my diet + taking the minimal dose of glyburide  (once a day).  The nutritionist was amazed by my diet and even asked what I’ve been eating.


SO when I had my second daughter, I had prepared myself that the chances that I will get gestational diabetic would be pretty high. But I did not worry at all since I already had prior experience and thought I would be able to control the diabetic myself again.  At the 4th month pregnancy exam, we found out that the baby was having some blood issue called anti e / anti c anti body which is a genetic problem.   There is not much research on this issue and there is no cure or way of avoiding it.  the OB told me that they would just have to monitor me closely in order to make sure the level of the anti e is not too high so i have to go to hospital once a month for a blood test and also sonogram to check the baby’s growth. the doctor inform me when the anti e level goes up to 16, they will have to do some blood transfusion from my blood to the baby.  At the first 2/3 month, the level went up from 1 to 4 and at the same time, the doctor notice some heart issue with the baby. At that day, I cried from the hospital to home, from home to school parking lot. My tears just like the April shower that wouldn’t stop. I prayed to God.”  God please watch over the baby. I know you won’t give me the challenge that I can’t handle. I can’t do anything and I am helpless. I know the only thing I could do right now is just pray for the baby to be healthy.  I believe YOU will walk me through it.”  After that, I never cried again.  We were scheduled for the exam at the children hospital the week after to check the condition of the baby’s heart.  They took at least 100 pictures to make sure that the baby is okay. Praise the Lord! The doctor told us ITs because the baby was too small and it was hard to see so they send us to the children hospital where they have better equipment just to make sure everything is ok.  Meanwhile, the OB informed me that I didn’t pass my two-hour glucose test so that means besides watching over my anti e / c anti body level, I have to watch my blood sugar again.  That means I have to  visit the hospital even more often.  I prayed to God, “Lord, you know I can’t take this! Please take either the diabetic away or the anti e/c away from my body.”  God answered my prayer the very next check up, Praise the LORD! My anti e / c level dropped from 4 to 1 and at the end it was less than 1.  The Doctors have no idea how this happen and they can’t even explain to us why the level dropped.  Only I know, IT”S GOD’s WORK! When i learn how to let myself go, and let GOD be in charge of my life.. HE will bring more than what we expect.  With all the complication, Makayla was born 5 weeks early through natural birth. She was in the NICU for a morning and she is a healthy and happy baby. (besides she does not sleep at night)  From this pregnancy, God make me and Tim be more thoughtful and care for each other.  We both know without GOD, we wont be able to walk through these challenges.  God brings more than what we think and pray. I know with GOD, everything is possible.  Only if we LET GO of ourselves and LET HIM be in charge of us! then we will see God’s blessing in our lives


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